NiceLabel Printing Solutions - Take Control.

NiceLabel is built on firm foundations and at its base is NiceLabel Designer Pro.  Designer Pro is the module used to design and built ALL the labels and database connectivity that is subsequently used in the whole family of NiceLabel printing products. Designer Pro has been around for many years and has evolved into the most powerful label design and print application available, used by all types of businesses from entry level to world spanning enterprises.

Used on its own, Designer Pro is a powerful label printing solution for stand alone requirements, but the real power of Designer Pro come when it is combined with NiceLabel PowerForms and NiceLabel Automation, or as the bedrock underlying the Label Management Systems (LMS).  


Plus now LabelCloud takes NiceLabel products into the cloud, with features and benefits for every business. See the full product here:

Design Forms - Build Solutions - Deploy Foolproof Print Stations

Design Labels in Designer Pro

Design Labels

Print Labels

Database Tool

Stand Alone

NiceLabel Design and Print software gives users the ability to design and print barcoded labels using comprehensive label templates and wizards. Entry level products offer basic features to users, whereas the Professional and Multi-User options build on these basic features to offer more comprehensive label printing solutions including 2D and RFID. Web and cloud-based options are available for multi-national companies requiring a more complex label printing package.


If you're unsure about the right software for your business, please contact us on 01200 441977 for advice.

NiceLabel Label Management Systems

Label Management Solutions (LMS) from NiceLabel that allows centralised control of label design and printing throughout the business or across multiple sites. Templates are stored centrally and access is given on a roles basis, so that control of exactly who can create, access and amend label designs within your business is rigourous controled and this eliminate printing errors and unauthorised label changes.

Whether you need onsite training for operators or a 12 month telephone and e-mail SMA, we can put together a cost-effective support package to meet you needs. The SMA gives you direct access to NiceLabel's technical staff, to sort out any issues quickly and efficiently.

Software Support

Barcode-IT offer an enhanced support service, that covers not only the NiceLabel software, but help with label designs, label printer configuration and best practice, plus assistance with complex labelling needs.  We recognise that a labelling system is more than the software or the printer and can help solve problems whatever their cause.

Upgrading NiceLabel

If you purchased a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) then you are entitled to free upgrades to the latest version of NiceLabel that you have a license for.

In addition software support direct from NiceLabel by phone or email is included in the SMA

We always recommend that you use the latest NiceLabel Windows Printer Drivers.  To download the drivers please follow this link.  NiceLabel Windows Printer Drivers