Software & Design Support

Barcode-IT provide the software support you need, when you need it, which is in addition to the standard SMA. The SMA from NiceLabel is specific to your software package and gives you e-mail and telephone access to technical support teams at NiceLabel and access to the latest versions of the product.  However support is about being able to solve problems for all labelling issues, which can be printer, software, interface or ERP related.  The team at Barcode-IT provide a full level of support to keep your labels printing.
Software Maintenance Agreement - Benefits

Software updates


NiceLabel regularly develop new versions of NiceLabel to incorporate new features and suggestions received from customers. You receive automatic and instant access to the latest product versions, updates, enhancements and fixes. The SMA is the most affordable way to keep your software up to date.


Direct Access To Experts


Get expert support directly from NiceLabel. Our in-house technical support teams work with the developers to ensure you receive the best possible support, quickly.


Support for label design queries, data connection issues, PowerForms design support, printer drivers, barcode best practise and queries, SQL data connections.


In fact ANY question about your NiceLabel products and help in solving your label printing or barcode issues.

Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Pricing

Designer Express

£39.00 + VAT

Designer Pro

£89.00 + VAT

PowerForms Desktop (Single User)

£159.00 + VAT

PowerForms Suite (5 printer)

£319.00 + VAT

All other NiceLabel Products SMA -

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Q: When should I purchase an SMA?


A: You can purchase an SMA at any time as long as you have the latest major version of the software (the current major version is 6). As you are likely to need more support in the beginning, we recommend you purchase the SMA at the same time as the NiceLabel license.



Q: How do I access Premium Support?


A:  When you purchase the SMA, you will receive a unique key as proof of purchase. This allows you access to premium phone support; links to forums, training videos/webinars and knowledge base; and an e-mail address and website link for submitting priority support tickets.



Q: What else is included?


A: When NiceLabel release a new minor version of the software, you will receive an e-mail notification with full release information and links to your free software update. When they release a major software update, they will also notify you and you will require a free version upgrade key only available to SMA subscribers.


Call now for further information on NiceLabel SMAs and pricing, contact us on

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